The Sheamus Feeley Hospitality Group is a team of restaurateurs, operators and consultants who specialize in recipe development, services, training, systems, project management and operational organization. Being operators ourselves, and having worked at executive levels at Hillstone Restaurant Group and Farmstead Restaurant at Long Meadow Ranch, among others, we believe in partnering with our clients, and driving change from the inside out. In our opinion, it’s too easy to identify the problem. We identify the opportunity and create multiple solutions that best fit our client’s needs, and execute, operate and achieve results.

In many organizations, products and recipes are slow to get to market because the creative and operational sides don’t always integrate well. This hurts your shareholders, investors, guests and team. We see this integration as a competitive advantage for our clients, as our team focuses on bringing these into balance, in order to deliver high-quality, timely and appropriate results. 

Our vast experience - from fast casual to full-service dining - allows us to galvanize this in your organization, and on-site, no matter what sphere you operate in, saving valuable time and energy, not to mention frustration. We don’t work with ‘preferred vendors’ for equipment, products or services, to benefit ourselves. We focus on the client, and doing right by them. Simply put, we do what is preferred by our clients.

Our bios will tell you more about our individual expertise, and our testimonials page can give you a sense of the kind of high-quality clients we’ve helped to-date.

We’d love to help you.